Robotics and Vision focuses on the development of systems of technological assistance in the fields of surgery and rehabilitation. In the latter field, designing and build support systems for people with physical disabilities or sensory, and the elderly. It works especially in the study and design of intelligent interfaces and robot assistance.

Surgery is another field in which robotics, sensing systems and associated technologies have a major impact. In this work the study, design and implementation of automated systems as a tool to support the surgeon in order to get to give it a teleoperated system or cooperation that improves surgical procedures especially important in the field of minimally invasive surgery.

Research and development in this technology integrates knowledge and computer vision, robotics and control that are applicable both in industry and in the field of health sciences.

In summary, the fields in which CIT UPC has expertise is the development of assistance technological systems in both rehabilitation and surgery fields.

  • Design and construction of aid-systems for people with any kind of physical or sensory disability, and elderly people: Study and design of intelligent interfaces and assistant robots.
  • Design and implementation of automated systems: surgeon support tools to improve the surgical procedures, especially in the field of the minimally invasive surgery.
  • Implementation of systems of perception: vision for the control and robot guidance.