Algorithms to achieve sustainable growth in the leisure marine sector

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January 4, 2019
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December 28, 2018

The Centre Data Management Group (DAMA UPC) has collaborated with its spin-off Sparsity to develop MaSSy (Mobile collaborative systems for the improvement of services and business development in the yachting industry) for the promotion of innovation in water management 


Within the framework of the Neptune Plan, MaSSy has developed an innovative system for managing reservations and journey planning for yachts in marinas. The new services reduce movements of yachts when they are looking for spaces to dock. This reduces fuel consumption, total distance travelled, and contamination in general. The main benefits are improvement in marina infrastructure management and activity, expansion of services for the community of yacht users, strengthening of ties with local towns for tourism, and minimisation of the impact of these activities on water quality.

DAMA UPC contributed its technology and graph-based knowledge to the development of algorithms that optimise maritime routes and tourist itineraries.

The aim of Neptune is to stimulate sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors through projects led by small and medium-sized companies. Neptune has awarded over 1.3 million euros to 18 innovative projects (including MaSSy, which received 120,000 euros), chosen from over 80 candidates and led by SMEs from around Europe. The projects are focused on improving water management in rural and urban environments, port logistics, river and maritime transport, renewable marine energies, and marine environments.

The Neptune Plan, which lasted 30 months, was funded by the European Union as part of “Blue Growth”. Blue Growth was designed to strengthen sustainable growth in the marine industry for 2020.

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