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February 12, 2019
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Renewable Electrical Energy Systems (SEER UPC) is participating in the Sudoket project, to boost key Enabling Technologies -KETs for the construction of innovative buildings..

KETs can be applied in the construction sector to design and build innovative buildings that are more environmentally friendly, efficient, and competitive, with new and better features, to enhance quality of life. However, despite current regulations and technological advances, the construction sector still uses mainly conventional methods and technologies.

SUDOKET has four pilot projects to construct buildings in France, Spain and Portugal. The aim is to validate experimentally the advanced technological features used to construct innovative buildings, and to demonstrate the feasibility of using these features under real operating conditions.

In addition, SUDOKET promotes the research and development of new KET-based solutions in universities and research centres. Online collaborative information systems are developed such as KETpedia, to disseminate the state of the art in KETs, and KETcluster, an initiative designed to promote collaboration between agents (builders, manufacturers, designers, and technologists) by creating connections and synergies that help to improve the quality and competitiveness of the sector.

SUDOKET will contribute to boosting growth and Europe’s technological leadership of the innovative building sector. This will be achieved through a transnational, cutting-edge approach to the promotion of new technologies and the interaction between key agents in the value chain.

The project, with a budget of 2 million euros, will last 37 months and end in February 2021. In addition to SEER UPC, twelve participants are involved, including the Heat and Mass Transfer Technological Center (CTTC UPC), which is also a CIT UPC member.

The construction sector represents 10% of GDP in the EU and generates 20 million jobs. Buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe.

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