Webinar on indoor air quality (IAQ) in public transport stations

CIT UPC, new member of the Audiovisual Cluster
February 24, 2021
The Scientific Research Awards recognise four UPC research projects to face the challenges of COVID-19 in Barcelona
March 19, 2021


On March 25, Joaquim Rigola, researcher and promotor of the Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory (CTTC) – UPC, will take part in a webinar on indoor air quality (IAQ) in public transport stations, talking about different pollutants. The webinar is jointly organised by the IAQ cluster and Railgrup, of which CIT UPC is a member.

How can we ensure optimal air quality for passengers? Which are the different pollutants? What solutions can industry offer?

Mobility on public transport has become a way of life for humans. In addition to safety, reliability and punctuality, people are increasingly concerned about the impact on their health of the journeys that form part of their daily activity. These concerns have increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has forcefully replaced other factors. Given this context, public transport agents must be able to guarantee a healthy environment with optimal air quality.

Other stakeholders will participate in the meeting, and representatives of industry and the scientific community to recover people’s confidence in public transport through willingness, science and technology.

The event will take place in online format.

Postponed event.