A new management model integrated into the water resources of the Besòs

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May 11, 2021
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The Hydrogeology Group (GHS) is leading the project ‘Integrated management model of Besòs water resources in the face of climate change: solutions for self-supply and resilience of the water system in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (GiR-Besòs)’, which is focused on solutions to future challenges in water management in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

That is why the project is drawing up an integrated management model for surface, underground and regenerated water resources in the Baix Besòs. The model will become a key tool to contribute to guaranteeing the water supply to the city in coming decades to reduce dependence on the Ter. In addition, it will include potential effects of droughts and the reduction and alteration of rainfall patterns caused by climate change.

The project, coordinated by researcher Carme Barba, received a Scientific Research Award for Urban Challenges in Barcelona 2020, given by Barcelona City Council to provide solutions to the challenges of Covid-19 and reconsider the model of the city in general. The project team also included full professor in hydrogeology Daniel Fernàndez, and researchers Núria Ferrer, Marc Carnicero and Paula Rodríguez.

The project lasts for one year (February 21 - February 22) and has a budget of €86,987.34.

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