WINTER: Interference management in communications and information processing 5g networks

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July 6, 2021
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The research group Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM) led the Wrestling with Interference in Communications and Information Processing (WINTER) project to find solutions to new challenges caused by 5G communication networks.

It is well known that the new 5G communication networks require greater transmission rates, greater security, faster connectivity and terminals with less complexity and consumption. The WINTER project has tackled these challenges by focusing on the management of interference according to three complementary approaches.

First, mitigation of interference was considered, by having an impact on the design of new signal formats that minimise interference on other terminals operating at the same frequency or in adjacent bands. In addition, opportunist communication strategies were studied to probe the state of the network and identify free dimensions in which to transmit without generating interference.

Second, cancellation of interference was considered by designing interference cancellation schemes for full-duplex systems (two-way simultaneous communication in the same band). In networks with many users accessing a central node simultaneously, the distribution of power between users was optimised to maximise the performance of the central node interference canceller.

Finally, the detection of (intentional) interference was addressed using analysis and processing techniques to detect malicious attacks on networks and multimedia contents. Robust schemes were designed to detect abnormal events, with results that can be applied to communication networks and to other information processing applications.

In addition to the UPC, the University of Vigo participated in the project. WINTER lasted four years and was funded by the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Competitiveness with a budget (UPC) of 210,298 euros.

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